Today’s activity of the day is perfect for babies and toddlers who are practicing fine motor and problem solving skills. I like to call this activity the Toy Tape Rescue since it involves rescuing beloved toys that are being held captive by masking tape or painter’s tape. Below, you’ll find all of the details about how you can replicate this activity in your own home or classroom.

Toy Tape Rescue

Recommended Age

babies and toddlers 1-3 years old

Focus Skills

  • fine motor
  • problem solving
  • sensory

Supplies Needed

  • masking tape or painter’s tape
  • small toys


I recommend setting up this activity while your little one is napping or engaged in play. Then, invite them to see what you discovered. Talk about how their toys are trapped by the tape and need to be rescued. How can we help them? Let your little one take the lead before helping them out. If your little one gets a bit distracted by the tape, don’t worry – it’s a great sensory experience. I do recommend watching them closely to keep the tape out of their mouth though!


  1. Select lightweight toys or puzzle pieces for this activity. (The heavier an object, the harder it will be to stick it on the wall.)
  2. This activity can be done on a horizontal (like a high chair tray) or vertical (like a wall) surface.
  3. Use masking tape or painter’s tape to stick each item to the wall. Vary the height of each object.
  4. Invite your little one to rescue the animals. (Start by letting them figure it out and give guidance only as needed. This will increase their problem solving abilities.


  • This activity is great for young toddlers that are still learning to stand and walk. Place the objects just out of reach to encourage movement.
  • For older toddlers, you can give clues about which object needs to be rescued. (For example, Can you rescue the blue owl?)
  • Extend the learning for older toddlers by inviting them to stick the toys back on the wall themselves.
  • Create a trail along the wall with the toys to encourage movement.
  • When playing with two kids, encourage taking turns and sharing.
  • Count the toys as you rescue them.


Toy Tape Rescue - a fine motor activity for toddlers