Wouldn’t it be great to have a stress free Easter egg hunt this year? While the title of this post sugggests that you can have an egg hunt with no stress, I prefer to think of it as less stress. Below you’ll find some of my favorite ways to make an Easter egg hunt less stressful for everyone involved – this means parents and kids! I’ve compiled some of my favorite tricks as a teacher and mom to create this ultimate list of stress free Easter egg hunt ideas.

Invite everyone to fill the eggs.

The first big tip is to invite others to help with filling the eggs. Instead of taking on the task by yourself, divide up the eggs and have others help with the task of buying treats and filling the eggs. Set limits on the items and number of eggs based on your needs.

Assign colors to each child.

We have done this for years and it works great with a group of 6-7 kids. Beyond that, this option isn’t as easy to do because you run out of colors. We assign a color to each child and they only look for those eggs.

Limit the Easter eggs per child.

This year, we’ve decided that each child will get 25 eggs. We will be hiding all of the eggs and the kids will search until they find 25 eggs. Then they will sit out or help someone else. I did a similar egg hunt when my middle child turned two and had a farm themed birthday party. The kids did amazing at helping each other find eggs and making sure that everyone had the same number of eggs. This is a great way to promote sharing and helping others.

Label the Easter eggs.

This is a tip that was suggested to me by a friend. They will be marking the eggs with the first intiials of each child. You could also do first names if initials overlap. This keeps things fair and helps little ones work on name or letter recognition.

Who can find the most eggs?

This is your classic egg hunt with the goal of getting the most eggs. I find this option to be the most stressful because I don’t like the rush and pushing that often comes with it. However, you might find it to be the least stressful because there are fewer limitations. I do recommend keeping the ages of kids participating in mind when doing this style of egg hunt.

Create treat bags.

Sometimes an egg hunt isn’t feasible for one reason or another. Treat bags can be a good alternative in these situations. Treat bags are also a great option if you want to include chocolate candy since it can melt in the eggs on a hot day.

Dye eggs together.

This is another option for those that want to avoid the egg hunt altogether. There are so many different ways to dye eggs that can be safe and fun for everyone. (Maybe that needs to be a future post – you can check out some of our favorites in my Easter highlight on Instagram.)

Fill the egg carton.

This is a unique way to limit the number of eggs that each child can find. Instead of using a basket, give them each an empty egg carton to fill.

Play games together.

We love using plastic Easter eggs to play games and complete activities. This is a good alternative or addition to an Easter egg hunt. It’s also a great way to use those eggs after Easter for more fun.

Have the children hide the eggs.

I have found that kids love hiding eggs. If hiding the eggs is the task that makes things stressful, then this option is for you. Invite the kids to hide the eggs for each other. This can be a fun way to play over and over again.

Attend an egg hunt hosted by someone else.

This might be the easiest way to have a stress free Easter egg hunt this year! Let someone else be the host and handle all the details.

Host a stress free Easter egg hunt.

Maybe you’re like me and prefer to have some control over the variables of an egg hunt. In this case, the best stress free Easter egg hunt is the one hosted by you! I like that this option allows for more control in the decision making process – especially since our family is currently avoiding allergens for our littlest boy.

All of these are great ways to make your Easter egg hunt more fun and less stressful. However, the most important thing to remember is that it’s all about having fun and making memories with your kids. If you focus on those details the most, then I think you’ll find that your egg hunt is a little less stressful!