Camp PLAY Moments: Summer Camp at Home



Summer Camp at Home

Summer is coming quick and that means you’ll have kids at home looking for something to do! Up until now, summer camp has felt too far out of your reach. It’s pricey and you’re not really sure if it’s worth it. Plus, that means figuring out multiple schedules and who really wants that this summer? That’s where Camp P.L.A.Y. Moments comes in! This summer camp at home is designed to be done at home on your schedule whenever you need it.

Maybe you have a vacation planned – great! Use this camp when you’re not off traveling.

Maybe your kids are in summer camp but it’s only one week of the summer. Great – this camp provides you with over 100 activities to do during the other days.

Maybe you don’t have any plans and are dreading the eventual boredom of the summer. Great – use this camp to fill in the days and make things a little bit more fun!

Camp PLAY Moments includes over 100 easy to set up activities that you can do with your kids. In addition to entertaining your kids, each activity description also includes what they’re learning with each activity and ways to extend the activity. You could repeat the same activity in several different ways and your kids would still love it!

These activities have been carefully chosen and most of them have been kid-tested by my own kids. They use objects from around the house which means you’ll rarely have to buy something new.

In addition to all of this, you’ll also get access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can share ideas, ask for supply swaps, and even find bonus content throughout the summer!

Make this summer a memorable one with this summer camp at home that will have the whole family smiling.

Join us this year and gain lifetime access for the low price of $10!


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