ABC Christmas Countdown



ABC Christmas Countdown

This ABC Christmas Countdown will help you make the holidays magical for your family. This countdown is an easy to download PDF that will walk you through how to set up a fun experience based countdown for your family using the alphabet. You’ll receive over 26 activities that you can set up using objects from around the house. These activities are designed to be fun at any age. You could even use them for a family Christmas party! This countdown is designed to fit into your schedule – no more forgetting to do the countdown! If you miss a day or are tight on time, simply adjust and continue on. Take the stress out of this holiday season by including this fun countdown in your plans!

This product includes over 100 activities and 20 + printables that you can use with your children this holiday season.


The Story Behind the ABC Christmas Countdown:

Three winters ago, I decided that I wanted to start a countdown to Christmas with my kids. I looked around at advent calendars and found that they were either filled with cheap candy or expensive. We already spend enough around the holidays and I couldn’t rationalize spending the money. But I still wanted to countdown to the holidays.

I considered the popular Christmas book countdown (and almost went with it) until I realized it wasn’t a fit either. We love reading and my kids love to look at the holiday books all season long. If I wrapped them, they wouldn’t be able to enjoy them whenever they want. Plus, wrapping (or even organizing) 25 books for a countdown sounded like a lot of work.

I almost gave up on my idea of a fun countdown until I stumbled upon an idea on Instagram – using the alphabet to countdown. It didn’t take me long to decide that this was the perfect fit. My boys loved it and it’s become a tradition over the years. This is our fourth year doing the ABC countdown and I thought I’d package it up for others to use as well. I’ve spent years picking out the perfect themes and activities and now I want to make it easy for you with all of the activities in one place!


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