This sensory bottle is simple to make and will keep kids of all ages entertained. It can be used as a search and find bottle or as a musical instrument. Read on below for the details on how to make it and ways to use it with your little ones.

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Most of these materials can be found at your local dollar store. I have linked similar examples for the harder to find items. empty bottle (Bai bottle pictured) shredded coconut mini ornaments or jingle bells (similar here)


Fill your bottle about halfway with rice. Add in a few ornaments. I did twelve but you could do more or less depending on the size of your bottle and ornaments. Glue the lid onto the bottle – especially if you have a toddler that knows how to open lids. I also recommend being overly cautious. You never know when a child might learn a new skill and the ornaments are a choking hazard.

Add your bottle into your play area and allow your kids to explore. They will likely shake and move the bottle all around. You can extend the play by demonstrating how to shake it and talking about the objects inside.



Practice Christmas vocabulary by talking about the ornaments inside the bottle.

Talk about how the coconut is similar to snow. (This is a great activity if there is actually snow outside.)

Identify different colors using the ornaments.

Talk about the sound. Can you change the sound by shaking it faster or slower?

Talk about the shapes of the ornaments.

Use the bottle to play music while you sing a song or read a book.