Camp PLAY Moments

Looking for a simple summer camp at home option?

Then you’re in the right place!

Camp P.L.A.Y. Moments was created by my family for families just like yours! 

What is Camp PLAY Moments?

Camp PLAY Moments is a summer camp at home program that was created to work with almost any schedule. It is a flexible program with 100 activities to mix and match to create the perfect summer camp at home experience for your family. In addition to the activities, you also receive access to a private Facebook group for support and connection.

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What does summer camp at home look like?

There are 100 activities included in this camp that you can mix and match to meet your needs. The activities are delivered in a PDF that you can download and view or print. Each activity will have a card explaining how to set it up and what your child is learning as they play. The activities are designed with little learners in mind (2-5 year olds) but can be adjusted for various ages.

What’s included?


100 activity cards

– materials from around the house

– set up tips

– play ideas

– what your child is learning


Flexible Schedule

– 100 activities to mix and match

– suggested schedules

– easy to print

– no pressure to follow a timeline

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Support All Summer

– private Facebook group

– new ideas throughout the summer

– accountability and the opportunity to swap ideas

How is Camp PLAY Moments different?

If you do a search, there are other summer camp at home programs out there. This one is a bit different because it’s designed to be flexible. There are no themed weeks or pressure to do the activities in a certain order. You can always add themes if that’s something that interests your family, but it is not necessary. (Themes will be a topic we cover in the Facebook group.)

This camp is designed around play-based learning and making sure that your kids are not only having fun but also learning over the summer. In fact, the PLAY part of the name stands for play and learn activities for your family.


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Is this camp for me?

When creating this camp, I tried my best to make it flexible, easy to use, and affordable. This means that it should be a fit for almost any family. 

The activities use objects from around the house so you shouldn’t have to buy much to recreate them in your own home. You’ll also be able to ask for alternative ideas in the Facebook group. Sometimes it’s as simple as replacing a pom pom with a cotton ball.

Simple and easy is exactly what you’ll get with Camp PLAY Moments. This is a summer camp at home program designed to be flexible, fun, and filled with play-based learning opportunities. The camp includes 100 activities on easy to view cards and a private Facebook group where you can connect with others and even ask me questions along the way!

Early Bird Special!

All of the camp activities will be available to download on May 26. You can get access to the program for just $27 if you purchase during our early bird pricing. That’s a savings of over 40%!

That’s right – just one payment of $27 gets you a less stressful summer filled with fun and learning!