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Animal Preschool Unit

This animal preschool unit includes fifteen different play-based learning activities focused on different skills including:

This unit has activities for toddlers and preschoolers. The ages are simply guidelines and I encourage you to try the activities that interest you and your little one. They can be used with a variety of ages to introduce and reinforce skills and concepts.

You will notice that some of the activities have printables that go along with them. These are games, not worksheets. Very rarely will you find a worksheet activity in one of my preschool units. (And when you do, it will typically be connected to writing.) These printables can be recreated using pictures, stickers, and paper from around the house if you are unable to print them. I’ve simply included the printable version to make it easy.


fine motor  |  gross motor  |  problem solving  |  language  |  sensory  |  literacy skills  |  STEM activities

These activities are designed to be done with your child (at least the first time). You will notice that several have notes about how you can turn it into an independent activity for your child or extensions for older children.