Easter is coming up soon so I thought it would be fun to use plastic eggs this week for our Activity of the Day series. Most of the activities this week will require plastic eggs and minimal supplies. It’s a great time to see how one object can lend itself to many different activities.

Egg Match

This activity is simple and may even be helpful if your eggs have been stored away for a while. It can be adapted in a variety of ways to add skill practice as you go. It’s also one that can be done over and over again with the results never being the same.


  • plastic eggs of different colors

Set Up

  1. Separate the two halves of each egg.
  2. Place them out on the floor or table.
  3. Invite your kids to make matches from the mess of eggs.

Babies (under 1)

For babies, you can use this as an exploration activity. Let them explore the eggs put together and broken apart. Then, show them how you can put two pieces together to form a whole. As always, please supervise your baby when doing activities.

Toddlers (1-3)

This is a great time for toddlers to work on their motor skills (pushing the halves together) and their matching abilities. As they match each color, talk about the color to reinforce vocabulary.

Preschoolers (3-5)

This is a great time to practice colors and counting with your preschooler. Use prompts to invite your preschooler to focus on specific skills. For example, “can you match a blue egg for me?” When you’re finished, you can sort the eggs by color and count the eggs for additional skill practice.

Big Kids (6+)

This activity may seem a bit simple for big kids but there are many things you can do with it, including adding, subtracting, and making patterns out of the eggs. Another variation is to write on the eggs and have them find word matches related to a reading skill they are working on. For example, you could write cat on one egg and bat on another. Then ask them to find a set of words that rhyme.


There are many different ways to adapt this activity to the kids you’re working with. I’ve listed a few adaptations but I could easily give more. The reason I didn’t include an abundance of ideas in this post is because I try to keep these posts simple since I know parents are busy and somewhat overwhelmed right now. Feel free to reach out via Instagram or in my Facebook group if you need more ideas using egg matching with your learner!

This activity is a part of our Activity of the Day series. This series was created to help parents with activities to do during school closures due to the coronavirus. Check back every weekday for new activity that you can do with kids of all ages!

This simple activity will have the kids helping you match together those dusty Easter eggs!