Easter is coming up in a few weeks and I know a lot of egg hunts have been cancelled all over. This is a disappointment for many, which is why I’ve chosen to bring the egg hunt home with today’s activity. This is another fun activity for our Activity of the Day series.

Egg Hunt

This activity can be done multiple times because it’s always slightly different when you do it. Below, you’ll find different ways that you can bring additional learning and play into this activity for our kiddos. If you don’t have plastic eggs available, you can hide balls or blocks for a similar activity.


  • plastic eggs
  • bucket or basket
  • paper or treats (optional)

Set Up

  1. Fill the eggs. (optional)
  2. Hide the eggs around the house or in the yard. Difficulty should match the age of your children.
  3. Give the kids their buckets and send them on their way!

Assign colors.

Make things a challenge by assigning different colors for each kid. This is a great way to vary the difficulty if you have multiple age groups participating in the activity.

Turn it into a treasure hunt.

Make the hunt a bit more challenging by sending your kids looking for a specific egg. Who can get the egg with blue dots? Who can find the egg that has the treasure inside? If you really want to make it a true treasure hunt, you could hide all of the eggs in one place and give the kids a map to follow. (With big kids, you could have them help with the creation of a map!)

Practice math with the eggs.

There are many different ways that you can use your eggs to practice math. You can start by counting the eggs to see how many you have. You can count each person’s eggs and then you can count them all together. You can also use the eggs to sort, graph, and practice addition.

Practice different skills.

You can make this into a bonus learning activity by hiding words, math problems, or other tasks inside each egg. As your kids find the eggs, they can complete the different tasks for a different spin on their normal learning time.

Let the kids hide the eggs!

Turn the tables and let the kids hide the eggs. This is a great way for them to think creatively and extend the activity for more play. Eventually, the kids might hide them for each other, which frees you up to accomplish other tasks!


This activity can be done outside or inside. As I mentioned above, you can hide small toys in place of eggs if you don’t have any around. If you can get plastic eggs, I do recommend having some around since they can be used for a variety of activities and provide lots of fun learning opportunities.

This activity is a part of our Activity of the Day series. This series was created to help parents with activities to do during school closures due to the coronavirus. Check back every weekday for new activity that you can do with kids of all ages!

Have a fun Easter egg hunt at home!