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Camp Play Moments - summer camp at home!

What is Camp PLAY Moments?

Camp PLAY Moments is a summer camp at home program that was created to work with almost any schedule. It is a flexible program with 100 activities to mix and match to create the perfect summer camp at home experience for your family. The full camp program will include 100 activities that you can mix and match throughout the summer to meet your family’s needs.

I’ve had a lot of questions about camp and how it will look so I wanted to offer a free sample of the program. This sample includes 10 activities (one from each of the camp categories). These activities can help you get started with a fun summer at home with your children. You can download the sample for free by entering your email into the form! 


Looking for the full program?

This page is dedicated to the sampler of Camp Play Moments. If you’re looking for the information for the full program, please click the picture below to go straight to the page for the full program. (I also recommend downloading the sampler even if you’re joining the full program! It’s a great way to get started early.)

Camp PLAY Moments