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Welcome to Little Learning Moments!

Welcome to our little corner of the internet where we share our family fun and adventures. While this blog was originally started by Pam, it is slowly becoming a family endeavor to share our fun and learning with others.

Pam is a teacher turned stay at home mom. She has three littles of her own and a rescue dog that she spends her days with. She has taken her passion for teaching and motherhood and combined it into Little Learning Moments, an online space filled with activity ideas and tips to make raising littles a bit easier.

Here at Little Learning Moments, you’ll find play-based learning activities for our littlest learners (ages 0-5ish) using common household objects and craft supplies.

Pam Hodges

Meet Pam

Pam is a former teacher turned work at home mama to three little boys and a girl dog. She is the mom behind the activities shared on the blog and Instagram. She is currently homeschooling her boys in South Carolina. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and a Masters of Education in Teaching, Learning, and Advocacy from the College of Charleston. She taught in various grades for 7 years before becoming a mom and diving into the world of how our littlest learners interact with the world around them. Little Learning Moments is the perfect combination of her experience as a teacher and boy mama.

Josh Hodges

Meet Josh

Josh is the man behind the blog. He is a supportive force and involved dad. He is a Coast Guard veteran and is currently pursuing a degree in all things computer design. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, art, and tending to things around the house. Okay – maybe he doesn’t enjoy all of that last one but the house is old and the garden and chickens need continous care. He loves problem solving and wants land for a homestead one day. He’s an active part of the homeschooling journey and enjoys finding adventures and unique ways to bring learning to life for his boys. You can find his art designs on Instagram at sicklibradesign.

Little Fox

Meet Little Fox

Little Fox is currently 6 years old and moving into first grade. He is enjoying his homeschool journey and the experiences that he wouldn’t get in public school. He is the reason that Little Learning Moments was started. As a toddler, Mama found that she needed ways to entertain her little boy and naturally, her teacher side kicked in. She started looking up and trying different activities. His curious nature made him excited for almost every activity they tried. (Ask about the jello dig sometime…) Eventually, he started setting up activities for his younger brothers. It’s true – they really are watching everything you do.

Little Fox

Meet Little Owl

Little Owl is only 21 months younger than his older brother. He loves playing with his brothers and exploring the world around him. His favorite place to be is outside – especially if there’s water play involved. You can find him with mud on his clothes and a smile on his face. He is technically in homeschool preschool but he enjoys joining in on all of his brother’s lessons. He has a passion for learning new things and is catching on to the way letters and sounds work together to make words. If you can’t find him, there’s a good chance that he’s hiding in his bed with all of his stuffed animal buddies.

Little Fox

Meet Baby Moose

Baby Moose is our littlest learner having just turned one at the beginning of the year. He’s curious about the world around him like any toddler his age. He loves exploring and watching Mama and Daddy follow him. He loves to smile and his laugh will bring a smile to your face. He is the last of the little boys and proudly carries the title of “Baby of the Family.” Mama has enjoyed the return to simple activities that comes with having a toddler in the house. Almost any household object can be turned into an activity. Keep an eye on the Instagram account if you’re curious about these simple activities and how they help him learn!