I’m so excited to share our new series – the ABCs of Summer – with you today! I’ll be sharing each letter as we go. You can also check Instagram for the latest fun related to this series. In 2020, I felt like we needed a little extra fun for Christmas. After seeing a post from MissNicoleAtHome, I decided to do an alphabet countdown. It was such a big hit that we did an alphabet countdown again in December of 2021.

I was looking for ideas for the summer and finding a lot of summer camp and themed weeks. While I love a good theme, I felt like weekly themes was too much for this summer with a five year old, three year old, and a baby. That’s when the idea of doing an alphabet series came to me! For me, it provides structure without the overwhelm because I only have to worry about one intentional activity a day. Many days we do more than one but there is room for flexibility and no two days have to be the same.

I’ll be sharing our activities throughout the summer. Each time I add a new letter, I’ll link to them from this page as well. This means you can bookmark one post to find all of the others! Think of this post as your Table of Contents for the ABCs of Summer.

The ABCs of Summer